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Flow offers two options for Adult DBT

Adult DBT Skills Groups Tailored to the Needs of Autistic and ADHD Clients

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Groups are psychoeducational groups run in a virtual classroom-type setting over Zoom. DBT skills groups can help you develop coping skills, regulate emotions, and communicate your needs. These groups are designed to be an optimal fit for many Autistic and ADHD individuals with accommodations for communication and sensory needs, and executive functioning support.


The groups are designed to be neurodiversity-affirming (what does it mean to be neurodiversity-affirming?). The goal is not reducing and/or masking Autistic traits but rather assisting you in navigating the world while helping you build the life you want to live in alignment with your goals. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills groups consist:

  • an individual intake session followed by

  • 24 weeks of group organized into 3 eight-week modules


Each module consists of:

  • mindfulness skills,

  • distress tolerance,

  • emotion regulation,

  • interpersonal effectiveness

Online Class


Tuesday Daytime

10am -12pm Pacific (CA & NV), 

11am - 1pm Mountain (CO), 

1pm - 3pm Eastern (FL),

with a break in the middle of each group session.

Wednesday Evenings

5-7pm Pacific (CA & NV), 

6-8pm Mountain (CO), 

8-10pm Eastern (FL),

with a break in the middle of each group session.


If a group session needs to be canceled due to the group leader's illness or other unexpected event, an additional session of the group will be added at the end to compensate. 


Telehealth (HIPAA compliant Zoom).


Must be in the states of California, Nevada, Colorado, or Florida to attend the group. 

Need more support?

Do you need more support?  Dr. Brook provides Comprehensive DBT for a limited number of clients. 

If you are interested in the group, please contact us to get started.

Comprehensive DBT

Comprehensive DBT consists of: 

  • DBT group plus,

  • individual therapy plus, 

  • phone/message-based coaching

*If this interests you, please discuss it with Dr. Brook and commit to the comprehensive DBT program prior to starting the group. Dr. Brook is often full for comprehensive DBT and there is no guarantee of availability to start the comprehensive program after the skills group begins.

What about individual therapy?

These are psychoeducational groups to learn new skills and are not a substitute for individual therapy. If you have no risk factors, having an individual therapist is recommended but not necessary.


The following risk factors:

  • suicidal ideation,

  • homicidal ideation, or

  • self-harming behavior

require you to have an individual therapist who you meet with weekly and who signs an agreement that they take primary clinical responsibility for your care and will manage any crises that arise.

You must also sign a release for Dr. Brook to communicate with that therapist as necessary. If you develop these risk factors while in the group, you agree that within 2 weeks, you will find an individual therapist who you meet with weekly and who takes primary clinical responsibility for your care, and provide authorization for the other therapist and Dr. Brook to communicate.

Comprehensive DBT


  • $300 intake session prior to enrollment

  • 24 sessions for $100 each


Tuition payments for groups are due one week before the beginning of each module.


Please note: Dr. Brook / Flow Psychological Services is out of network with insurance companies (other than Lyra Health) but a superbill can be issued at the end of each therapy session for submission to your insurance company to obtain out-of-network reimbursement if available. 

Lyra Health

If you have Lyra Health benefits, you may choose to use Lyra for individual and group sessions up to the limit of your employer contract. Some clients who engage in both group and individual therapy (with Dr. Brook or another Lyra therapist) choose to Private Pay for group sessions to save their Lyra sessions for more expensive individual therapy. Either way, after your Lyra sessions have been used up, you may be able to use your insurance through Lyra if your employer contract allows. If not, you will switch to “Private Pay” after your Lyra benefit is used up, and will be responsible for paying $100/session for the remaining group sessions.

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