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Autism and ADHD Assessments

  • Are you wondering if you or your child might be neurodivergent?

  • Something is different but you're not sure what it is?

  • Maybe you've received various different opinions from family, friends, school, and even mental health professionals.


Psychological assessment can help clarify your strengths and challenges. 

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Assessment Types

I offer collaborative, neurodiversity-affirming, diagnostic assessments for possible Autism and/or ADHD.

Assessment Methods

Depending on the need, assessment methods may include:

  • interviews,

  • questionnaires,

  • testing,

  • feedback, and

  • a written report with recommendations. ​

Online Assessments 

I offer assessment and therapy sessions via secure video (Zoom or Google Meet) to clients anywhere in CaliforniaNevada
Coloradoand Florida

We believe that you should be able to access quality, evidence-based assessments and therapy even if you are not able to come to an office. That's why I have acquired extensive practice and become certified in online psychological services - telemental health.  I use technologies that not only allow clear and secure communication but also allow us to collaborate visually and measure outcomes remotely. 


Want to get an assessment for yourself or your child?

Take the first step and inquire below.

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