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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

  • Do you struggle with fluctuating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors?

  • Do you react in ways that you later regret, and then judge yourself and your emotions harshly?

Autistic people and ADHDers experience trauma living in a world not designed for these neurotypes. Trauma makes self-regulation more difficult.

DBT Approach

Click below to learn about my approach to autism, neurodiversity, and ways of tailoring DBT to help autistic and ADHD clients reach their life-worth-living goals (; episodes #111, 112, 113, & 115).

DBT Method at Flow

Flow helps Autistic people and ADHDers thrive authentically through DBT. 


We offer DBT Skills Groups that are 24 weeks long and are tailored for the needs of Autistic and ADHD teens and adults.  Additionally, Dr. Brook also offers Comprehensive DBT.

What is DBT?

DBT is a type of therapy that helps people understand and manage fluctuating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that they can truly create and sustain the life they want to live. Its efficacy is supported by extensive scientific research.


We collaborate, consult with, and train other DBT therapists. We specialize in tailoring DBT to the unique needs of Autistic people and ADHDers.

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DBT Skills Groups

DBT skills groups are 24 weeks, divided into three 8-week modules (adult group) or four 6-week modules (teen and parent groups).  


You may work with a different individual therapist while participating in the group, or do the group without individual therapy if we agree it is not necessary for you and you do not have any risk factors. 

Skills groups are composed of:

  • 1 intake/group orientation session plus

  • 24 weeks of group.  


Adult Group: Wednesdays from 5-7pm PST

Teen Group: Tuesdays from 6-7pm PST

Parent Group: Thursdays from 6-7pm PST

If you are interested in the group, please complete a screening form

Comprehensive DBT

Available for a limited number of clients

Comprehensive DBT (4-5 weeks of intake/orientation to DBT plus 24 weeks of group/individual therapy/coaching) - includes

  • weekly skills training group,

  • weekly individual therapy while enrolled in the group, and

  • phone or message-based coaching.


The group may be repeated if needed.

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