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Training and Consulting

Flow Psychological Services provides training and consultation for healthcare professionals and others serving neurodivergent clients. Reach out to us to enhance your knowledge, skills, and professional competence regarding neurodiversity and providing neurodiversity-affirming care.

Professional Education 

Our consulting and training services are designed to support clinicians at all levels of experience and training. We provide training in neurodiversity-affirming approaches that prioritize understanding and accommodating differences in neurological functioning and learning styles.


We train clinicians on how to tailor evidence-based assessment and therapy to the needs of neurodivergent clients. We offer customized solutions to meet the needs of every clinician we work with.

Sports training


We and our colleagues in other neurodiversity-affirming clinics provide group and individual consultation to other clinicians including general issues in neurodiversity-affirming assessment and therapy, and consultation on specific cases.

Team Meeting


We provide training to professional groups, clinics, and individual clinicians around the world. Topics include neurodiversity-affirming assessment and therapy.

Planning Meeting
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