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Welcome to Flow Neurodiversity Affirming Psychological Services

Flow is a validating and empowering assessment and DBT practice tailored for Autistic and ADHD people of all ages.

What is Flow?

The idea of Flow describes a peak psychological state where one is completely immersed in an activity involving intense focus, creative engagement, and the loss of awareness of time and self.  Flow comes naturally to Autistic and ADHDers and is a terrific strength. 


About Flow 

Welcome to the private practice website for Flow Psychological Services led by Dr. Amara Brook, a neurodivergent licensed clinical psychologist, Board-Certified in Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology. Dr. Brook's research and clinical expertise is in self-regulation, which involves aligning thoughts, feelings, and behavior to reach goals.  

We look forward to working together to assess your needs and develop a treatment plan tailored to you. Dr. Brook provides neurodiversity-affirming Autism and ADHD Assessments and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) tailored to the needs of Autistic and ADHD clients.


Dr. Brook also offers training and consultation in neurodiversity-affirming care to other clinicians.

What We Offer
Rock Climber

Autism and ADHD Assessments for children and adults.

Online meeting
Together at the Top

DBT Skills groups and Comprehensive DBT therapy for individuals

Beach Meditation
Trainings & Consultation

Training and consultation in neurodiversity-affirming care to other clinicians

Team Meeting

Learn More About Autism, Neurodiversity, and DBT

To Hell and Back Podcast, hosted by Charlie Swenson, MD, featuring Dr. Brook and Rachel Leah Kraus, LCSW-C. This four-part podcast series on autism and DBT focuses entirely on tailoring DBT to be more effective and affirming in helping Autistic people reach their goals.

Sometimes it is easier to read than to watch. If you want to read the transcript of these podcasts, you can. 

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